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Ricotta Pancakes recipe

Ricotta Pancakes Recipes

Dive into a stack of Ricotta Pancakes, where creamy cheese makes each bite light and fluffy. Imagine the joy of warm, golden pancakes that melt in your mouth with a hint of sweetness. It's a fun twist on breakfast that'll have everyone smiling!

61 recipes to choose from

Recipes (61)

Discover 61 unique Ricotta Pancakes recipes. Each with it's own twist on the recipe. Read our review top find our top Ricotta Pancakes recipes out there.

Spinach and ricotta pancakes recipe
# 1

Ready-made-pancakes are used as an alternative to pasta in this delicious Italian-inspired dish with creamy ricotta, spinach and tomato sauce.

Orange Ricotta Pancakes recipe
# 2

These popular pancakes are likely to spark a craving. For a different twist, switch the citrus ingredient to lime or lemon juice.—Brehan Kohl, Anchorage, Alaska

    • < 30 mins
    • Vegetarian
    • Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian

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Orange Ricotta Pancakes recipe
# 3

Orange Ricotta Pancakes

Sweet Pea's Kitchen

Thick, fluffy pancakes made with ricotta cheese and oranges. This Orange Ricotta Pancakes is AMAZING!

    • Vegetarian
    • Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian
Strawberry and ricotta pancakes recipe

Pancakes are a crowd pleaser at any time of year – these summery ricotta versions with strawberries and thyme-scented syrup are no exception. Strawberries not in season right now? Make these ricotta p...

    • Vegetarian
    • Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian

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Top 3 Recipe Review

A Savory Twist on Pancakes

Olive Magazine

Spinach and ricotta pancakes from Olive Magazine offer a savory take on the traditional pancake, combining the creamy texture of ricotta with nutritious spinach. The addition of garlic, lemon zest, and Parmesan cheese infuses these pancakes with an Italian flair that's sure to please those looking for a hearty meal. The use of ready-made pancakes simplifies the process, while topping them with a high-quality tomato pasta sauce adds convenience without sacrificing taste.

Citrus-Infused Breakfast Delight

Taste of Home

Taste of Home presents Orange Ricotta Pancakes as a delightful breakfast option that's both fluffy and rich in flavor. The combination of orange zest and juice brings a refreshing citrus note that balances well with the richness of the ricotta cheese. This recipe is slightly more involved than its Sweet Pea's Kitchen counterpart due to additional ingredients like vanilla extract and optional toppings such as maple syrup or confectioners' sugar for added sweetness.

Simplified Citrus Pancake Pleasure

Sweet Pea's Kitchen

Sweet Pea's Kitchen offers their version of Orange Ricotta Pancakes which seems to prioritize simplicity without compromising on taste. Similar to Taste of Home’s recipe but omitting vanilla extract, these pancakes are still poised to deliver that desirable citrus zing coupled with creamy ricotta goodness. While it may lack some complexity compared to Taste of Home’s offering, it remains an excellent choice for those seeking straightforward preparation.


Each recipe provides its unique twist on ricotta pancakes: Olive Magazine goes savory; Taste of Home infuses extra flavor layers into their sweet breakfast treat; while Sweet Pea’s Kitchen focuses on simplicity and ease without losing the essence of orange-infused richness. Your choice ultimately depends on whether you crave something more suited for dinner (Olive Magazine), desire an elaborate morning meal (Taste Of Home), or need an uncomplicated yet satisfying breakfast (Sweet Pea’s Kitchen).

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