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Vegan Tacos recipe

Vegan Tacos Recipes

Vegan tacos are super yummy and full of plant-based goodies! Imagine crunchy taco shells or soft tortillas stuffed with tasty things like beans, veggies, and even fake meat. You can top them with fresh stuff like lettuce, tomatoes, and avocado. Plus, you can drizzle on sauces to make them extra delicious. They're fun to make and eat!

67 recipes to choose from

Recipes (67)

Discover 67 unique Vegan Tacos recipes. Each with it's own twist on the recipe. Read our review top find our top Vegan Tacos recipes out there.

Jamaican Jerk Vegan Tacos recipe
# 1

These spicy vegan tacos are bright, fresh & fun to eat! You can easily prep the filling ahead of time, so they're great for entertaining. Adapted from The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook.

    • Vegetarian
    • Dairy-Free
    • Ovo-Vegetarian

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Vegan Tacos recipe
# 3

Vegan Tacos

Loving It Vegan

These versatile vegan tacos are packed with black beans, vegan taco meat, pico de gallo and avocado and topped with a tahini sauce. Filling, colorful and delicious!

    • Vegetarian
    • Dairy-Free
    • Ovo-Vegetarian
Vegan Seitan Carne Asada Tacos recipe

Vegan Seitan Carne Asada Tacos

The Curious Chickpea

Seitan is marinated in a spicy and tangy sauce then seared over a grill (or grill pan) until charred. The juicy seared seitan carne asada is thinly sliced then piled into warm corn tortillas and toppe...

    • Vegetarian
    • Dairy-Free
    • Ovo-Vegetarian
Vegan Tacos Al Pastor recipe

The best vegan tacos al pastor recipe on the world! Cauliflower and walnut are used to make delicious vegan taco meat – topped with homemade guacamole, pineapple, and cilantro makes perfect vegan taco...

    • Vegetarian
    • Dairy-Free
    • Ovo-Vegetarian

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Top 3 Recipe Review

A Tropical Twist on Tacos

Love and Lemons

The Jamaican Jerk Vegan Tacos from Love and Lemons offer a delightful fusion of sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors. The use of mango and avocado provides a creamy texture that complements the heat from the jerk spices perfectly. The jackfruit is an excellent meat substitute that absorbs all the aromatic seasonings, while the charred corn tortillas add a smoky touch. This recipe is ideal for those looking to explore Caribbean flavors in a plant-based format.

A Citrus-Infused Seitan Delight

Rabbit and Wolves

Rabbit and Wolves' Vegan Two-Layer Mojo Seitan Tacos bring zesty citrus notes to the forefront with their mojo-inspired marinade. The combination of lime and orange juices tenderizes the seitan strips, infusing them with flavor. Layering hard taco shells within soft flour tortillas adds an exciting textural contrast that's both satisfying and innovative. While this recipe requires store-bought or homemade seitan, it's worth it for those craving a hearty bite with bold flavors.

Classic Comfort with a Vegan Twist

Loving It Vegan

Loving It Vegan's take on classic tacos is comforting yet refreshingly simple. Their recipe allows for customization with optional vegan taco meat but shines with its focus on fresh ingredients like homemade pico de gallo salsa, tahini sauce, and ripe avocados. The inclusion of black beans adds protein while spices like cumin bring warmth to each bite. These tacos are perfect for anyone seeking traditional taco flavors in an easy-to-make vegan option.


Each of these vegan taco recipes brings something unique to the table: Love and Lemons' Jamaican Jerk offers tropical flair; Rabbit and Wolves' Mojo Seitan impresses with its citrusy zest; Loving It Vegan keeps it classic yet versatile for any taste preference. Whether you're after exotic tastes or comforting classics, there's something here for every vegan taco enthusiast looking to spice up their meal rotation.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I use a different type of protein instead of tofu for the vegan tacos?

Certainly! You can use a variety of plant-based proteins instead of tofu for your vegan tacos. Here are some popular alternatives:

  • Tempeh: This fermented soy product has a firmer texture than tofu and a nutty flavor. It crumbles well and can be seasoned to taste.
  • Lentils: Cooked lentils work great as a taco filling, especially when seasoned with taco spices.
  • Black Beans or Pinto Beans: These beans are classic in Mexican cuisine and can be mashed or used whole.
  • Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans): Chickpeas can be roasted, sautéed, or mashed for texture variation in your tacos.
  • Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP): TVP is dehydrated soy that rehydrates into a ground meat-like consistency; it's perfect for mimicking traditional taco filling.
  • Seitan (Wheat Gluten): Seitan has a chewy, meat-like texture and absorbs flavors well, making it suitable for spicy taco seasoning.

Remember to season your choice of protein with typical taco seasonings like cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and any other spices you enjoy to give your vegan tacos the flavor you're looking for.

2. What are some good toppings to add to vegan tacos?

Certainly! Here are some delicious and popular toppings you can add to vegan tacos to enhance their flavor and texture:

  • Avocado or Guacamole: Creamy and rich, they add a nice smooth texture.
  • Salsa: Fresh pico de gallo or a spicy salsa can add a kick.
  • Vegan Cheese: Shredded vegan cheese melts nicely on warm fillings.
  • Lime Wedges: A squeeze of lime juice adds brightness and acidity.
  • Fresh Cilantro: Chopped cilantro brings freshness and a hint of citrus flavor.
  • Pickled Red Onions: They provide tanginess and crunch.
  • Diced Tomatoes: Fresh tomatoes contribute juiciness and sweetness.
  • Shredded Lettuce or Cabbage: Adds crunch and freshness without overpowering other flavors.
  • Corn Kernels: Sweet corn gives a nice pop of sweetness in each bite.
  • Black Beans or Refried Beans (vegan): For extra protein and fiber, beans are an excellent choice.
  • Sliced Jalapeños or Chili Peppers: For those who enjoy heat, these can really spice things up.
  • Vegan Sour Cream: It offers a cool, tangy contrast to the other ingredients.
  • Nutritional Yeast: Sprinkle on top for a cheesy flavor boost that's also packed with B-vitamins.

Remember that the best toppings for your vegan tacos will depend on your personal taste preferences as well as the base filling you're using—whether it's tofu, tempeh, lentils, jackfruit, or any other plant-based protein!

3. Are there any alternative options for cheese in vegan tacos?

Certainly! When it comes to vegan tacos, there are several alternative options for cheese that you can use to maintain the creamy and savory elements that cheese typically provides. Here are some popular vegan cheese alternatives:

  1. Nutritional Yeast: This is a staple in many vegan kitchens due to its cheesy and nutty flavor. It's often sprinkled on top of tacos or mixed into sauces.
  2. Vegan Cheese Shreds: There are many brands that offer dairy-free cheese shreds made from ingredients like coconut oil, cashews, or almonds. These melt well and can be used just like traditional shredded cheese.
  3. Cashew Cheese: Homemade cashew cheese is creamy and can be seasoned with various herbs and spices to enhance your tacos.
  4. Tofu Ricotta: Crumbled tofu mixed with lemon juice, nutritional yeast, and seasonings can mimic the texture of ricotta or crumbled feta.
  5. Guacamole or Avocado Slices: While not a direct substitute for cheese, avocados add a rich creaminess that complements other taco fillings nicely.
  6. Vegan Queso: A spicy vegan queso dip made from blended cashews, nutritional yeast, and chili peppers can add both cheesiness and heat to your tacos.
  7. Seed Cheeses: Similar to nut cheeses but made from seeds such as sunflower or pumpkin seeds; these are great for those with nut allergies.
  8. Store-bought Vegan Cheese Sauces: There are also ready-made vegan cheese sauces available in stores which you can drizzle over your tacos for convenience.

Remember that each alternative brings its own unique taste and texture profile to your dish so you might want to experiment with different options to find what best suits your palate!

4. How can I make the vegan taco filling spicier?

To make your vegan taco filling spicier, you can incorporate one or more of the following methods using markdown syntax for emphasis:

  1. Add Fresh Chilies: Incorporate fresh chilies like jalapeños, serranos, or habaneros into your filling. Finely dice them and sauté with your base ingredients.
  2. Use Dried Chili Powder: Sprinkle in some dried chili powders such as cayenne pepper, ancho chili powder, or chipotle powder to taste.
  3. Hot Sauce: Drizzle your favorite hot sauce directly into the filling while cooking or add it as a topping when serving.
  4. Spicy Salsa: Mix in a spicy salsa with ingredients like tomatoes, onions, and hot peppers to add both flavor and heat.
  5. Crushed Red Pepper Flakes: Add red pepper flakes for a quick and easy way to increase spiciness without altering the underlying flavors too much.
  6. Infuse Oil with Spices: Cook your taco fillings in oil that has been infused with spicy elements like crushed garlic and red chili flakes.
  7. Incorporate Spicy Beans: Use beans that have been cooked with spicy seasonings or mix in canned beans that come in a spicy sauce.
  8. Marinate Proteins in Spicy Mixtures: If using tofu or tempeh as part of your filling, marinate them beforehand in a mixture of spices and hot sauces to imbue them with heat before cooking.

Remember to start small with these additions; you can always add more spice but it's difficult to take it away once it's there! Taste as you go along until you reach the desired level of spiciness for your vegan tacos.

5. How do I store leftover vegan taco filling?

To store leftover vegan taco filling, follow these steps:

  1. Cool Down: Allow the filling to cool to room temperature before storing it to prevent condensation inside the container, which could make the filling soggy.
  2. Airtight Container: Transfer the cooled taco filling into an airtight container. This will help maintain its freshness and prevent it from absorbing any odors from your refrigerator.
  3. Refrigerate: Place the airtight container in the refrigerator. Properly stored, leftover vegan taco filling can last for 3-5 days.
  4. Label and Date: It's helpful to label your container with the date you stored it so you can keep track of its freshness.
  5. Freezing (Optional): If you don't plan on using your leftovers within a few days, you can freeze them for longer storage. Vegan taco fillings typically freeze well for up to 2-3 months.
    • Before freezing, make sure all components are freezer-friendly.
    • Use freezer-safe bags or containers.
    • Press out as much air as possible before sealing if using bags.
    • Thaw overnight in the refrigerator when ready to use.
  6. Reheating: When reheating your vegan taco filling, ensure that it is heated thoroughly until hot all through which will help maintain its taste and texture best if reheated on a stove over medium heat with a bit of oil or water to prevent sticking and drying out.

Remember that some ingredients may change texture after freezing and thawing; beans should fare well but certain vegetables might become softer upon reheating after being frozen.

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