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Soda Bread recipe

Soda Bread Recipes

Soda bread is a yummy, quick bread you can make without yeast! It's fun to bake and super tasty when you smother it with jam or butter. Enjoy warm slices of this soft, homemade treat with your family!

124 recipes to choose from

Recipes (124)

Discover 124 unique Soda Bread recipes. Each with it's own twist on the recipe. Read our review top find our top Soda Bread recipes out there.

Irish Soda Bread with Raisins and Caraway recipe
# 1

I have never made this, and doubt I ever will, since I'm not a fan or raisins. The reason for this submission is that this was a favorite recipe from Chef Jerry O'Leary, who worked in the corporate di...

    • Vegetarian
    • Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian
Guinness and treacle soda bread recipe
# 2

Sweet, moreish and perfect for sharing, try Liam Finnegan’s – head chef at Castle Bow restaurant in Somerset – recipe for mini Guinness and treacle soda bread loaves. They’re a great way to feed a cro...

    • Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian

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Caramel Soda Bread Tear and Share recipe

This genius recipe from Nadiya's Family Favourites turns a basic soda bread into an irresistible chocolate and caramel treat. Watch it disappear as soon as it comes out of the oven!

Soda bread rolls recipe

Soda bread rolls

delicious. magazine

Surprisingly simple and quick to make, these scrumptious rolls would be ideal for a spring picnic.

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Top 3 Recipe Review

Traditional Charm with a Sweet Twist

The Irish Soda Bread with Raisins and Caraway from is a delightful nod to the classic, incorporating sweet raisins and aromatic caraway seeds. The recipe's use of buttermilk and an egg ensures a moist crumb, while the generous amount of sugar adds a noticeable sweetness that pairs well with the rich flavors. However, purists may find it too sweet for their liking. The texture provided by butter cubes adds to its rustic charm.

Rich and Hearty Stout-Infused Delight

delicious. magazine

Guinness and treacle soda bread from delicious. magazine stands out with its unique combination of hearty Guinness stout and deep molasses-like treacle flavor. This bread offers a complex taste profile alongside nutritious wholemeal flour – perfect for those who appreciate robust flavors in their baked goods. While this recipe requires more ingredients than others, such as porridge oats for added texture, it might be slightly intimidating for beginners due to its unconventional components.

Healthier Choice with a Berry Bonus

Tesco Real Food

Adam Bennett's wholemeal soda bread paired with no-cook strawberry jam from Tesco Real Food offers health-conscious bakers an alternative using mainly wholemeal flour, which provides extra fiber content compared to traditional recipes. The additional homemade strawberry jam is an innovative touch that sets this recipe apart; however, the inclusion of liquid pectin in the jam may not be readily available in every pantry which could deter some home cooks.


Each soda bread recipe brings something different to the table:’s version delights those looking for sweetness in their bread; delicious. magazine caters to lovers of deep flavors influenced by Guinness; while Tesco Real Food appeals to health enthusiasts interested in baking at home without sacrificing taste thanks to the fresh berry jam accompaniment.

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