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Sesame Chicken recipe

Sesame Chicken Recipes

Sesame chicken is an easy-to-make dish that is a crowd-pleaser that will have you coming back for seconds. With its sticky, sweet, and savoury sauce, it's perfect for a quick and delicious weeknight dinner. You'll be amazed at how simple it is to create this mouth-watering meal in just 30 minutes.

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Discover 88 unique Sesame Chicken recipes. Each with it's own twist on the recipe. Read our review top find our top Sesame Chicken recipes out there.

Sesame Chicken Recipe recipe
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Everyone loves sesame chicken. Feel free to make a big batch of this recipe, as you won't mind a bit if tomorrow's lunch is the same as tonight's dinner.

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Simple Sesame Chicken recipe

Simple Sesame Chicken

Taste of Home

“Returning home after 20 years as a missionary in the Philippines, I’ve tried to make food like we had there and came up with these flavorful strips. This recipe became a family favorite and is often ...

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Classic Sesame Chicken with a Sweet Twist


The Sesame Chicken Recipe from Mashed offers a classic take with an emphasis on a sweet and savoury sauce that clings to the crispy chicken. The use of honey and brown sugar in the sauce promises a delightful stickiness, while sesame seeds and scallions add texture and freshness. The combination of egg whites, cornstarch, and flour for the batter suggests a light yet crunchy exterior that's perfect for soaking up the rich sauce.

Healthier Sesame Chicken with Veggie Crunch

Tesco Real Food

Sesame chicken with tenderstem broccoli from Tesco Real Food is ideal for those looking for a healthier version of this dish. It incorporates vibrant vegetables like peppers, red onion, and tenderstem broccoli to add color and nutrition. The use of egg noodles tossed in sesame oil gives it an Asian flair while keeping things lighter than traditional fried versions. This recipe seems to balance flavor with health-conscious choices.

Quick & Easy Sticky Sesame Chicken


Mob's Sticky Sesame Chicken is all about simplicity and speed without compromising on taste. With fewer ingredients than its counterparts, this recipe focuses on essential flavours like honey, soy sauce, ginger, and garlic to create its signature sticky glaze. It's perfect for those who want homemade Asian cuisine without too much fuss or time spent in the kitchen.


Each recipe brings something unique to the table: Mashed provides a classic sweet-and-crispy experience; Tesco Real Food offers a healthier option packed with veggies; Mob keeps it simple yet flavourful for quick meal prep. Your choice depends on whether you prioritize taste indulgence (Mashed), nutritional value (Tesco), or convenience (Mob).

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