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Vegan Pancakes recipe

Vegan Pancakes Recipes

Whip up some yummy Vegan Pancakes that are just as fluffy and tasty as regular ones, but without any milk or eggs! These easy-to-make pancakes need just a few simple ingredients you probably already have. They're perfect for anyone who loves a good breakfast and wants to keep it plant-based and animal-friendly.

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Discover 164 unique Vegan Pancakes recipes. Each with it's own twist on the recipe. Read our review top find our top Vegan Pancakes recipes out there.

Vegan Pancakes recipe
# 1

Vegan Pancakes

Bianca Zapatka

How to make the BEST fluffy Vegan Pancakes with this simple recipe! The dairy-free batter is easy to make with 6 pantry staple ingredients and no eggs in 1 bowl.

Extra Easy Vegan Pancakes recipe
# 2

Extra Easy Vegan Pancakes

Inspired Taste - Easy Recipes for Home Cooks

This quick and easy vegan pancake recipe makes pancakes that are light, extra fluffy, and so delicious. This recipe is dairy-free, egg-free, and can be made gluten-free when a gluten-free flour blend ...

    • < 30 mins
    • Vegetarian
    • Dairy-Free

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Vegan Pumpkin Pancakes with Chocolate Chips recipe
# 3

Super fluffy pumpkin pancakes, studded with sweet dark chocolate chips - the perfect Autumn breakfast treat! Vegan, dairy-free & eggless..

    • < 30 mins
    • Vegetarian
    • Dairy-Free
5 Minute Vegan Pancakes recipe

A cinch to make and tastes wonderful, if you like the taste of Baking Powder. My skeptical parents couldn't believe these were vegan. Try with white and whole wheat flour. Excellent with some maple sy...

Vegan pancakes recipe

Vegan pancakes


Serve a stack of these fluffy vegan American pancakes, made with dairy-free milk. Drizzle in maple syrup for an indulgent, plant-based brunch

    • < 30 mins
    • Vegetarian
    • Dairy-Free

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Top 3 Recipe Review

Classic Simplicity with a Fizzy Twist

Bianca Zapatka

Bianca Zapatka's Vegan Pancakes recipe offers a classic approach with an intriguing twist: sparkling water. The effervescence is intended to create a lighter texture, which could be appealing for those who enjoy fluffy pancakes. The addition of cinnamon or vanilla extract provides versatility in flavor, and the use of plant milk caters to various dietary preferences. The recipe suggests optional toppings like nut butter and fresh berries, allowing for personalization.

Versatile and Accessible Staple

Inspired Taste - Easy Recipes for Home Cooks

Inspired Taste's Extra Easy Vegan Pancakes are true to their name, focusing on accessibility and ease without compromising on taste. This recipe allows for flexibility in flour choice and sweetener options, catering to different health needs and pantry availability. The inclusion of cinnamon adds a subtle warmth that is optional but recommended. With common ingredients like dairy-free milk and oil, this could become a go-to staple for many.

Seasonal Delight with Indulgent Add-ins

Wallflower Kitchen

Wallflower Kitchen's Vegan Pumpkin Pancakes with Chocolate Chips stands out as the most seasonally festive option among these recipes. It incorporates fall flavors through pumpkin puree and spices while indulging the sweet tooth with dark chocolate chips—a perfect treat for autumn mornings or when craving something special. However, it requires self-raising flour which may not be readily available in all pantries compared to all-purpose flour.


All three recipes provide delicious vegan alternatives to traditional pancakes; however, each brings its unique flair—Bianca Zapatka introduces an innovative ingredient with sparkling water; Inspired Taste focuses on simplicity suitable for any day; Wallflower Kitchen embraces seasonal tastes perfect for fall indulgence. Your choice will depend on your mood: whether you're after lightness, ease or seasonal comfort!

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