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Pork Lettuce Wraps recipe

Pork Lettuce Wraps Recipes

Pork lettuce wraps are a fun and healthy way to enjoy a tasty meal. Simply wrap juicy pork in fresh lettuce leaves for a light and refreshing dish that's perfect for lunch or dinner. Add your favourite toppings like pickled vegetables, herbs, or sauces for extra flavour.

14 recipes to choose from

Recipes (14)

Discover 14 unique Pork Lettuce Wraps recipes. Each with it's own twist on the recipe. Read our review top find our top Pork Lettuce Wraps recipes out there.

Thai pork lettuce cups recipe
# 1

Thai pork lettuce cups

Tesco Real Food

This speedy Thai pork recipe is ready in just 30 minutes for an easy, healthy dinner. Crisp lettuce leaves are filled with rice and pork cooked in fresh Thai flavours of fiery ginger, red chilli and l...

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Luau Pork Lettuce Wraps recipe
# 3

I first made this recipe when our family took a trip to a beach house in Florida. On my night to cook, I did a luau theme and used this recipe as the appetizer. These are still a favorite today! —Joyc...

San choy bau (Chinese pork lettuce wraps) recipe

Crispy, cold lettuce leaves embrace piping hot pork with bold Chinese seasonings in this lettuce wraps recipe from chef Lara Lee. Loved this? Try Lara’s incredible miso and gochujang butter roast chic...

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Top 3 Recipe Review

A Zesty Thai Fusion

Tesco Real Food

The Thai pork lettuce cups from Tesco Real Food offer a delightful blend of Southeast Asian flavors with the freshness of romaine lettuce. The combination of ginger, lemongrass, and fish sauce provides an authentic taste that is both zesty and aromatic. The use of basmati rice within the wraps adds a unique texture contrast to the lean pork mince, while lime zest and fresh coriander bring a burst of citrusy brightness to each bite. This recipe is perfect for those who enjoy a balance between spicy heat and sweet notes.

Korean-Inspired Sweet Heat

delicious. magazine

Sticky pork and pickle lettuce wraps from delicious. magazine are an exciting fusion that brings together Korean-inspired flavors with crisp vegetables. The gochujang (Korean chili paste) offers depth with its savory heat complemented by the sweetness of honey and mirin. Freshly grated garlic and ginger infuse the pork mince with intense flavor, while quick-pickled radishes and cucumber add a refreshing crunch to these mouthwatering wraps. Topped with toasted sesame seeds, this dish is ideal for those who crave bold flavors wrapped in delicate little gem leaves.

Tropical Comfort in Every Bite

Taste of Home

Luau Pork Lettuce Wraps from Taste of Home take your palate on a tropical getaway with their Hawaiian-inspired ingredients like pineapple, hoisin sauce, and chili garlic sauce combined in succulent pulled pork shoulder butt roast. This hearty option features earthy baby portobello mushrooms alongside crunchy water chestnuts for added texture inside tender Bibb lettuce leaves. It's more complex in preparation but delivers comfort food vibes suitable for family gatherings or special occasions where you want to impress guests seeking something out-of-the-ordinary yet satisfying.


Each recipe presents its own unique twist on pork lettuce wraps: Tesco's offering shines with its traditional Thai elements; delicious.'s version stands out through its Korean flair; while Taste of Home provides a heartier dish rich in tropical tastes perfect for larger meals or events. Whether you're after light freshness, bold spice combinations or comforting richness – there’s something here to satisfy every craving when it comes to wrapping up flavor-packed fillings in crisp lettuce leaves.

Frequently asked questions

1. What dipping sauce pairs well with these lettuce wraps?

A popular dipping sauce that pairs well with Pork Lettuce Wraps is a Hoisin-based sauce.

Serve this dipping sauce alongside your Pork Lettuce Wraps for an added burst of flavour that complements the savoury notes of the pork filling.

Remember, you can adjust any ingredient according to your taste preferences or dietary restrictions!

2. Can I use a different type of lettuce instead of iceberg lettuce?

Yes, you can definitely use a different type of lettuce instead of iceberg lettuce for pork lettuce wraps. Here are some alternatives that work well:

  • Butter Lettuce: Also known as Boston or Bibb lettuce, butter lettuce has soft, tender leaves that are perfect for wraps due to their pliable nature.
  • Romaine Lettuce: The leaves are longer and hold up well with fillings. They provide a nice crunch and can be a healthier option.
  • Green Leaf or Red Leaf Lettuce: These types have more texture and color than iceberg, adding visual appeal to your wraps.

When choosing an alternative, consider the size and strength of the leaves as well as the flavor they will add to your dish. You want something that won't easily tear when wrapped but is also not too overpowering in taste.

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