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Apple Nachos recipe

Apple Nachos Recipes

Crunchy apple slices drizzled with sweet sauces and sprinkled with your favorite yummy toppings for a fun snack!

15 recipes to choose from

Recipes (15)

Discover 15 unique Apple Nachos recipes. Each with it's own twist on the recipe. Read our review top find our top Apple Nachos recipes out there.

Apple Snicker Nachos recipe
# 1

Apple Snicker Nachos

Iowa Girl Eats

Apple Snicker Nachos are layers of fresh apple slices, gooey caramel, chopped Snickers, and crushed peanuts. A delicious and indulgent treat!

Apple Nachos recipe
# 2

Apple Nachos

Dinner at the Zoo

These apple nachos are sliced apples topped with caramel, chocolate and plenty of other fun toppings. The perfect quick and easy after school snack!

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Caramel Apple Nachos recipe
# 3

Caramel Apple Nachos

Life In The Lofthouse

Slices of green apples covered in warm caramel sauce, white chocolate and crushed candy bars!

Easy Caramel Apple Nachos Recipe recipe

You have to try this easy Caramel Apple Nachos recipe. It is perfect for any occasion - summer or fall the family loves this easy caramel apple dessert idea.



Butter with a Side of Bread

Caramel Apple Nachos are easily made by topping sliced apples with caramel, melted marshmallows, chocolate chips and sprinkles!

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Top 3 Recipe Review

Classic Comfort with a Crunchy Twist

Iowa Girl Eats

The Apple Snicker Nachos from Iowa Girl Eats offer a delightful combination of textures and flavors that will satisfy any sweet tooth. The use of Honeycrisp or Granny Smith apples provides a fresh and tart base, which is beautifully complemented by the rich, gooey caramel and the smooth melt-in-your-mouth chocolate from Hershey's bars. The chopped Snickers add an additional layer of nutty sweetness while the peanuts provide a satisfying crunch. This recipe is perfect for those who love classic candy bar flavors with their fruit.

Fun & Festive Easy Treat

Dinner at the Zoo

Dinner at the Zoo's Apple Nachos are a quick and cheerful snack that would be especially appealing to kids or for party platters. The thinly sliced apples make for easy eating, drizzled with both caramel and chocolate sauces for double indulgence. Sprinkles add pops of color making them visually enticing, while miniature chocolate chips contribute to bite-sized bursts of chocolatey goodness throughout each mouthful. It’s an uncomplicated treat that’s sure to bring smiles.

Decadent Dessert Nachos

Life In The Lofthouse

Caramel Apple Nachos from Life In The Lofthouse turn up the decadence factor with their rich topping selection over crisp Granny Smith apples. Melted Kraft caramels create an irresistibly smooth coating which pairs excellently with creamy white chocolate chips, adding a luxurious twist to traditional apple nachos. Miniature chocolate chips offer classic charm, but it's the crushed Heath bar that steals the show—providing texture and toffee flavor that elevates this dish into dessert territory.


Each recipe brings its own unique take on apple nachos: Iowa Girl Eats leans into candy-bar nostalgia; Dinner at the Zoo keeps it simple yet playful; Life In The Lofthouse opts for decadent toppings reminiscent of gourmet desserts. Depending on whether you prefer your snack quick and festive, loaded with favorite candies or dressed in dessert finery will guide your choice—but any pick is sure to delight apple nacho aficionados!

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