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Wonton Soup recipe

Wonton Soup Recipes

Warm and comforting, Wonton Soup is a delicious dish that combines flavourful broth with delicate dumplings. This classic recipe features tender wontons floating in a savoury broth, creating a satisfying and nourishing meal. Whether you prefer spicy or mild flavours, Wonton Soup is sure to delight your taste buds and warm your soul.

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Recipes (55)

Discover 55 unique Wonton Soup recipes. Each with it's own twist on the recipe. Read our review top find our top Wonton Soup recipes out there.

Easy Wonton Noodle Soup recipe
# 1

A hot bowl of chewy bouncy egg noodles served with juicy wontons, piping hot broth and a few leafy greens on the side. The easiest broth and wontons, and they're so flavourful!

Wonton soup recipe
# 2

Wonton soup


This hot and sour wonton soup epitomises Sichuan cooking – spicy and packed full of umami. All the better with delicate little wonton dumplings soaking up the broth

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Prawn Wonton Soup recipe
# 3

John Javier whipped us up the most beautiful bowl of wonton soup you ever saw. Treat yourself and cook this one up.

Wonton Soup recipe

Wonton Soup

RecipeTin Eats

Recipe VIDEO above. Homemade wontons are amazing! No fillers, just real ingredients in the filling. Terrific standby freezer meal!

    • Dairy-Free

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Top 3 Recipe Review

Classic Flavors with a Twist

El Mundo Eats - Easy Wonton Noodle Soup

El Mundo Eats brings a delightful twist to the traditional wonton soup by incorporating coconut sugar and apple cider vinegar, which add unique layers of flavor. The use of butter is unconventional but may contribute to a richer broth. With fresh egg noodles and baby pak choy, this recipe promises a comforting bowl with varied textures. However, the preparation might be slightly more complex due to the additional steps for making shrimp filling.

Spicy and Aromatic Experience

Olive Magazine - Wonton Soup

Olive Magazine's version stands out with its bold use of Sichuan peppercorns and Chiu Chow chilli oil, offering an aromatic experience that will appeal to those who enjoy heat in their dishes. The inclusion of dried shiitake mushrooms adds umami depth to the chicken stock base. This recipe seems well-suited for lovers of spicy food looking for an authentic kick in their wonton soup.

Seafood Extravaganza with Depth

Mob - Prawn Wonton Soup

Mob's Prawn Wonton Soup is an intricate seafood celebration featuring prawn meat, dried shrimp, anchovies, and jamón. The combination of white and black peppercorns along with dashi powder suggests a complex flavor profile that could be both intense and satisfyingly savory. This recipe might require more effort due to its extensive ingredient list but could be rewarding for those seeking depth in taste.


Each recipe offers a unique take on wonton soup: El Mundo Eats provides comfort with added sweetness; Olive Magazine caters to spice enthusiasts; while Mob goes all-in on seafood richness. Your choice depends on your flavor preference—whether you're after something sweetly comforting, boldly spicy or deeply savory from the sea's bounty.

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