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Tropical Banana and Coconut Crêpes Recipe

Tropical Banana and Coconut Crêpes recipe


This recipe is for sweet, tropical crêpes filled with banana and coconut cream. It's like a sunny vacation on a plate! You mix flour, milk, and eggs to make the crêpes, then fill them with a creamy coconut and banana mixture, and top with a homemade caramel sauce.


100 g plain flour
250 ml milk
2 eggs
250 ml heavy cream
100 g creamed coconut
2 tbsp honey
2 ripe bananas
30 g dark brown sugar
30 g unsalted butter
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 pinch of salt
Vegetable oil for cooking


Drain the bananas and save any liquid that comes out.
Whip up the heavy cream with the creamed coconut, honey, vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt until it forms soft peaks. If the creamed coconut is too solid, gently warm it before mixing.
For the crêpe batter, blend the plain flour, milk, eggs, and 1 tbsp of vegetable oil in a blender until smooth. Alternatively, whisk them together really well, and then strain to remove any lumps. Let the batter rest for 30 minutes.
Heat a large frying pan and spray with oil. Pour about 1/4 of the crêpe batter into the pan and tilt the pan so the batter coats the bottom evenly. Cook on either side for 1 minute or until golden brown.
Turn on a grill pan or frying pan to medium heat and add a drizzle of oil. Slice the bananas and fry until golden and caramelized.
In a small saucepan, heat the banana liquid with dark brown sugar and butter. Reduce to half to make a thick caramel sauce.
To assemble, lay out the crêpe flat and spread on your coconut cream. Place caramelized banana slices on top, then fold your crêpe in half and then half again. Drizzle with the banana caramel sauce.

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